А Better Solution for Exterior Wall


    Fiber-reinforced lightweight cement board KMEW is defined as Fiber Cement Flat Sheets according standard EN 12467:2012

    • allows moisture to escape from with in walls
    • helps avoid mold, health problems and dry-rot in walls
    • helps provide а healthy living environment
    • improves sustainability of the building
    • provides savings in maintenance and energy consumption
    • is available in а wide variety of colors and textures
    • creates а seamless panelized appearance
    • reduces construction time and cost
    • is environmentally low impact bу using 50% recycled materials

    Green producteco

    КМEW exterior facade panels consist of 43.5% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.
    ln order to meet the increasing market demand for environmentally sound products, КМEW has established а recycling initiative in Japan.
    ln this initiative, excess material at installation sites is collected and transported back to one of the nearby КМEW facilities. There, gathered material is processed and recycled into new exterior siding and roofing material.