Super Weather Resistance

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating (Inorganic Paint)


The double effects of the inorganic resin and the inorganic UV absorber protects against deterioration over time and cuts UV rays. Colored layers are protected to prevent fading.




General Coating (Organic Paint)


UV rays tend to “erode” the colored layer, causing colors to fade.



Sunshine Carbon Arc Test Results


Ceramic coated panels are subjected to continuous cycles of UV rays and water exposure to measure color degradation. The horizontal axis of the graph indicates the irradiation time, and the vertical axis indicates the degree of color fading.

A color loss of Delta E2 is barely detectable by the trained human eye. A color loss of Delta E3 is noticeable to the untrained eye. As shown in the graph, Ceramic coated panels over a thirty year life will not fade to a level Delta E3 which is detectable to the untrained eye.