About KMEW

    KMEW is Japan's only specialized manufacturer of exterior products with a full lineup of roofing materials, siding materials, and rain gutters.

    In December 2003, Kubota Matsushitadenko Exterior Works Ltd. was established via a merger of Kubota Corporation and the housing exterior construction materials department of Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (currently Panasonic Corporation). The new company worked on a mission to deliver total solutions of exterior construction materials.

    To further expand and develop its business operations, the company made a fresh start in October 2010 as KMEW Co., Ltd. by embracing KMEW, our well-accepted brand name, in the corporate name.

    Kubota Corporation
    Established in 1890. Manufacturer of a wide range of products from pipes to agricultural machinery. Started selling exterior building materials in 1960. Since then, while manufacturing roofing and siding materials along with other products, developed and supplied many products one step ahead of the times, leading the Japanese exterior building materials industry.
    Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd. (currently Panasonic Corporation)
    General manufacturer of products ranging from lighting and electric equipment to building materials. Continuously developed innovative exterior building material products for housing.
    Established with the aim to create a company capable of responding promptly and precisely to the needs of the market for exterior building materials for housing, leveraging the expertise and cutting edge technologies readily available from both companies.


    Company NameKMEW Co.,Ltd.
    Head Office13F Crystal Tower, 1-2-27 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
    RepresentativePresident, CEO Hitoshi KIMURA
    Executive Vice President, Member of the Board Tomio TERAMURA
    EstablishedDecember 1, 2003
    Established as Kubota Matsushitadenko Exterior Works, Ltd. via a merger in the field of exterior construction materials between the Housing Materials Division of Kubota Corporation and Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.
    (currently Panasonic Corporation)
    Capital8 billion yen
    Number of employees1,897 (at 2019.3.1)